The Taoist Writer: Useless Words

Be Grateful for Your Imperfections
God Thirsts for You

Jung's Red Book, the fiery stone which features in Pentecost

Words appear useless. You can’t eat them.  But wait! Yes, you can. Thus, words are paradoxical. Words arranged sacredly can feed your soul. They are soul-food. But wait a minute! Soul is just a hypothesis. A soul can’t be seen or measured. Only the rational materialistic worldview is sacred. Therefore, according to the present worldview . . .  our Zeitgeist, words are useless when used spiritually or metaphysically. Those realms don’t exist.

Thank God! Now we can talk freely about God and everything that matters and be speaking garbage. According to the worshipers of the rational.  However, speaking garbage is liberating because nobody cares what you say. It’s totally useless. But that makes it deeply useful.

“‘The Book of Chuang Tzu’ states, ‘Chuang Tzu discussed the Tao using strange and mysterious expressions, wild and extravagant words. He saw the whole world as sunk in stupidity and incapable of understanding anything sensible [our Zeitgeist]’” (The Tao: Finding the Way of Balance and Harmony by Mark Forstater, p.25). In Taoism, the useless is valued. Strength and masculinity are not exalted. The feminine and the spiritual are revered. Only the “stupid” collective opinions of the times devalue them.

The Terry Te Ching states the following:

Fiery words that warm the heart

Burn the skyscrapers in the mind    

Photo Credit: Photo by Joanna Penn at Flickr Creative Commons.

Be Grateful for Your Imperfections
God Thirsts for You

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