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Something Ancient, Something New
God’s Way is My Way

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“. . . [Jung’s] work as a healer did not take wing . . . until he realized that the key to the human personality was its story. Every human being at core, he held, had a unique story and no man could discover his greatest meaning unless he lived and, as it were, grew his own story” (The Voice of the Thunder by L. van der Post, p.174).

Discover Your Drama

You have to discover your story before you can grow it. Your story can be revealed to you like reading the pages of a novel and having its characters come to life. Turn your life-story into fiction. Make its characters larger and its scenes more dramatic. This will help bring out the essence of your story.

Subtle Twists

Compare your story with a growing tree. What is the soil like? Did your environment and the people in it support you while growing up? Or did you have to overcome great adversity? How did your life branch out? Which branches did you take? Your path may have many subtle twists and turns that can only be revealed through intense self-examination.


What kind of tree are you? Are you colorful in the fall or a steady green all year? Which animals come to visit you or live on or within you? Are you related to the sacred tree of life? There are numerous questions to ask yourself in order to learn more about yourself and your story.

A Breathing Path

Growing your story implies co-creating with the divine . . . with nature, both inner and outer. You need to embrace your story and treat it tenderly . . . with compassion. Drink your story as sweet nectar—savoring its subtleties. Let the divine light flow through your veins and guide your feet step by step on your living, breathing path through life.

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Photo Credit: Photo by photosteve101 at Flickr Creative Commons.

Something Ancient, Something New
God’s Way is My Way
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