How To Defend Yourself Without Even Trying

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How To Defend Yourself Without Even Trying by Dr. Terry ChitwoodHow To Defend Yourself Without Even Trying was first published in softcover in 1981. It went through three printings and became a small-press bestseller. Buyers reported that the book appeared to jump off the bookshelves, grabbing their soul’s attention. I had numerous telephone calls and letters from readers whose lives were positively changed by reading the book. One man even told me that the timeless message in the book stopped him from committing suicide.

I don’t take credit for any of this. I felt inspired to write the book and the credit belongs to God. I republished How to Defend Yourself Without Even Trying in an eBook format that is available at Amazon and Kobo Books.

The following are some book testimonials:

  This book feels good in the hand—is a caress to the eye with its simple flowing drawings. A quality book in form and content.

     The words flow in a natural rhythm and help bring peace and strength to the soul. The principles of aikido in daily life are harmoniously represented.

      A fine gift to the one you love.

     –Dr. George Breed, author of Embodying Spirit: The Inner Work of the Warrior


Terry’s students learn aikido incredibly fast. I learned more about the use of my inner energy and awareness in one of Terry’s classes than I had in 2½ years of studying aikido elsewhere. All Terry’s students share that accelerated learning.

     Terry’s book is filled with the same kind of deep, direct and to-the-point teaching. Every single page is a surprise and an adventure as one after another he teaches new and profound lessons. It is as if the book speaks directly to my spirit. I’ve never read another book that says so much, so well in such direct and clear language. The book has a presence of its own. Just reading it, I can feel a gentle power moving through me.  Keep it close and re-read it often. It seems fresh and new each time.



     The style of Dr. Chitwood’s book is as important as its content. His essays are rhythmically and economically crafted. My reading was an active process—bringing me relaxation and pleasure as I experienced his teachings. . . . As a tool for helping personal change, I feel this book will be read again and again.

     –Dr. Joseph Jauquet


     I loved it. It was written in a way that allowed me to injest a little at a time without losing my train of thought. The light-heartedness of it made me smile all the way through. We gave several copies as gifts and will no doubt give several more. A great source of thought for the day.



     A happy, joyful book with much truth, and certainly a way to freedom.



     This is the most meaningful book I’ve ever read. This book will speak to you personally. Reading it may challenge you to change your life and live in a better way. It is must reading for people who want increased awareness and fully developed inner potential.


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Top 12 Posts from 2012 on Spring Snow Publications
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