Your Spiritual DNA

The Christian Writer: And They Shall Prophesy
Ears to Hear

Your Spiritual DNA (Stock Photo by eevl)Imagine an upward-expanding spiral made of golden thread, spun so finely that it’s almost transparent, sunlight turning into moonlight, cycling back and forth, glimmering against a background of velvet blackness—the mind at rest.

The Spiral Way

A golden galaxy imprinted on the blackness of the meditative mind reveals the structure of spiritual development. Like the alchemical sublimatio, the upward spiral mirrors growth in consciousness. With each revolution upward, consciousness expands so that the view from the point directly below it seems smaller . . . more contracted.  Your perspective grows—expands—giving birth to a new worldview.

Fast Growth

Write from your inner galaxy . . . your spiritual DNA. Tap into the spiritual force pulling you higher into greater consciousness and greater responsibility. Don’t write with your brakes on. You have the responsibility to grow as fast as you can, so you can write from that place of expanded awareness. If you have a larger perspective, your writing can touch more people’s souls—deeply.

The Spiritual Ladder

In the ancient alchemical texts, sublimatio refers to a white bird rising. Intended interpretation or not, this image reminds me of the Holy Spirit. Early Christian mystics, early Church Fathers and Jacob’s dream (Genesis 28:12) speak about ascending a spiritual ladder (i.e., spiritual spiral) to heaven.

Passion and Wisdom

The ascension to heaven motif (spiritual development) can help spiritually oriented writers assess their level of consciousness and devotion to God. Write about the sorrows and joys of walking the spiritual path . . . climbing the spiritual ladder. Share your story with passion and wisdom.

Photo Credit: Stock Photo by eevl.

The Christian Writer: And They Shall Prophesy
Ears to Hear
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