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Chosen by God

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world [hates] you” (John 15:19, KJV).

If you are chosen by God to write, do you risk the world’s wrath? According to the above Bible verse it would appear so. The verse talks about the world hating you, not evil hating you. That’s another story, entirely.  So if you’re chosen to write and the world may hate you, what are you supposed to do? Write.

A Spiritual Calling

Write as if your survival depends on it. And it does–spiritually. To receive the spiritual call to write and to refuse the call is to risk spiritual death, risking the loss of soul, risking the loss of a collaborative relationship with God, risking not becoming who you are meant to become.


Writing creates soul. Through your sweat, through your tears, through your radical obedience to God, soul-making happens. It happens because you’re dedicated to your writing, expressing your dedication and devotion through the beauty of your words, allowing yourself to be a vehicle for the divine, letting His words be your words—becoming His servant.

On Your Knees

Have gratitude for servitude. Being a servant of the living God puts your ego in its proper place: on its knees. From your knees let your writing become a prayer that rises to heaven on the wings of an eagle, a radiant prayer that touches the hearts of angels, inviting them to burst into angelic song.

Divine Melody

With the song of angels guiding your pen, write the divine melody soulfully . . . passionately, writing until the world vibrates, resonating with His song. With His song alive in your heart, write to inspire others to join His circle of light, becoming sun seeds—seeding the world.      

Photo Credit: Photo by Svetoslav Sokolov.

The Christian Writer: Gifts from the Spirit
The Christian Writer: The Narrow Way
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