Taoist Pearls, Wisdom for Writers: Moon Tear

The Moonlit Path: Shadow as Guide: Ashes
The Christian Writer: Living Water

Taoist Pearls, Wisdom for Writers: Moon Tearwhite pearl
a tear
from the moon
–Terry Chitwood

String of pearls/ string of tears/necklace of words/ necklace of fears. Writing about suffering, sorrow, and sacrifice terrifies writers, evoking agonizing feelings, painful memories, and unpleasant thoughts. For readers, the above topics captivate them, making them cry, thrilling them with dramatic tension, and surprising them with an unexpected ending.

Molten Emotion

Digging up raw emotion and turning it into story takes finesse—a subtle hand. Like turning lead into gold, the impossible needs to appear possible and yet be more than a magician’s slight-of-hand. Searing the reader with the molten lava of unearthed feeling needs to be paired with the silken touch of a reconciled relationship.


Paint meaning into your stories by introducing mythological or spiritual themes, creating inspirational literature that has universal appeal. Whether the hand of Hades pulls you into the underworld or like Jonah you find yourself tossed off a ship during a storm after refusing your calling, you could alter these themes to fit modern-day circumstances.

Tear as Seed

Let the tear from the moon fall on fertile soil, generating new life. Allow the moonlight to nourish your tear/seed, allowing stories of transformation to flow from your lips: turning night into light.

Photo Credit: Stock photo by KUO CHENG JUNG

The Moonlit Path: Shadow as Guide: Ashes
The Christian Writer: Living Water

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