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Love Creates

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In the book Your Life as Art Robert Fritz states:

“We do not choose who or what we love. True desire is a form of love. And in a similar way, we do not choose what we desire. We may or may not be aware of what we desire, but one thing we can’t do is manufacture desire. And just as we can’t force ourselves to love people we don’t love, we can’t force ourselves to want what we don’t want” (pp.40-41).

This quote implies that we need to embrace and develop our true desires. How do we recognize what we love? We enjoy doing it for its own sake. Results are secondary. Positive feedback is unnecessary. Time flies by when we’re absorbed in it. We can’t imagine doing anything else when we’re involved in it.

Do What You Love

Sounds simple. But first you have to discern what you love. However, when realized, “what you love” generates energy. It is fueled by true desire. It helps you to think majestically and to lead a bigger, more fulfilled life. What you don’t love falls by the wayside. Life becomes more flowing and less of a struggle.

“Creators love their creations before the creation exists. As Robert Frost said about poetry:

‘A poem begins with a lump in the throat.’ The painter loves the painting before there is a painting. . . . The composer loves the music before it is ever performed” (ibid. p.33).

This quote implies that you hold specific loves within you, artistic and otherwise, that need to be brought into the world (birthed). If you would tune into these loves and allow them to express themselves the way they want to, you could live your bliss.

I believe God gave you your specific loves, your true desires, to bring light and happiness into the world. In the film Chariots of Fire, Olympic runner Eric Liddell is a Christian who is deeply devoted to God. Liddell says, “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

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