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Angel of Second Chances

We all have stories to tell . . . to write. Who listens to them? Obviously, our audience listens: our friends, our children, our parents, our acquaintances, our readers—denizens of the blogosphere.

But do they hear? That depends. Hearing depends on the consciousness of the listener. Does the listener comprehend the intended—and unintended—nuances of our stories? When a tree falls in a deserted forest, does it make a sound? Being heard and the awareness of the hearer are both important.

A good story is meaningful and multilayered, a tapestry woven with words, each word—each thread– interlaced with new meaning. Are we the weavers or the woven . . . or both?

We write from our souls to our souls. We mine our souls to bring forth deep meaning, going back down—deeper this time—conveying outer-world responses to our writing and our own changed perspective, repeating this cycle until we bring forth words of gold, bringing transformation to ourselves  and the world.

As we bring gold into the world through our writing, we need people to hear the deep story. We need people to hear the message of transformation hidden—yet glowing– in our words. We need to teach people how to mine their own gold . . . to hear the golden message. In the words of Jesus: “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:15, KJV).

Photo Credit: Photo by Bruce McKay at Flickr Creative Commons.

Your Spiritual DNA
The Christian Writer: Weave Your Cloak of Light

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